XYX Lab “SHEcity,” Workaround Women Design Action
RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne, EPISODE 8 » 2 August 2018

Workaround engages with a movement of women focused on advocacy and activism within an expanded field of architecture. Workaround is a online broadcast and a program of live events. Fourteen Australian practitioners each present a critique, conversation, interview, workshop or performance that articulates their strategies and workarounds and reflects on their activist practice towards positive change in the built environment and its surrounding cultures.

Women and girls workaround the existing built environment every day. When areas of the city and suburbs feel unsafe, women change their behavior, self-limit their access to urban life and sometimes don’t go into urban spaces at all. SHEcity is an inclusive episode for everyone. With the support of the Monash University XYX Lab team, participants will think about spaces, places and experiences from the perspective of young women. Using design thinking approaches, participants will workaround the inequity faced by women and girls in cities to re-design city spaces where women and girls are the experts.


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