My interdisciplinary creative practice, research and teaching covers multiple areas of expertise that include: analogue and digital image-making, photography, typography, identity and branding, composition and publication, artists’ books, design thinking and user experience, social design, narrative and storytelling, data visualization, event and exhibition planning, design studies, and positive psychology.

I am driven by making connections and exploring the experiences and concept of home: in the places we work, the meaning of what we do, where we live, how we have arrived there, what we are becoming and where we want to go. Home encompasses belonging, meaning, purpose, place, space, shelter, comfort, support, emotions, community, memories, possessions and much more. Home is everyday lived experience and my motivation to make connections, to generate deeper understanding and make everyday meaningful. I practice my passion through teaching, mentoring, coaching, listening, advising, coordinating, designing, and storytelling.

The things in life I find meaningful and capture my attention include: patterns, symbolism, the mystery of night time dreams, serendipity, paradox, all kinds of maps, interior spaces, and the interplay between sound and silence.

I was born Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I hold an AAS (2000), BFA (2009), PhD (2015) in Visual Communication Design. From 2010 -2019, I lived in Melbourne, Australia and worked as a Design Lecturer at Monash University in the faculty of Art, Design & Architecture (MADA).

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