I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I hold an AAS (2000), BFA (2009), PhD (2015) in Visual Communication Design. From 2010 -2019, I lived in Melbourne, Australia and worked as a Design Lecturer at Monash University in the faculty of Art, Design & Architecture (MADA).

My interdisciplinary creative practice, research and teaching covers multiple areas of expertise that include: analogue and digital image-making, photography, typography, identity and branding, composition and publication, artists’ books, design thinking and user experience, social design, narrative and storytelling, data visualization, event and exhibition planning, design studies.

Through material and digital-mediated ways of documenting and coding everyday lived experiences, I generate insights and create meaningful and authentic narratives that address issues of: displacement, loss and healing, social and individual wellbeing, gender equity, and belonging by examining psychological, emotional and spatial environments. From visualizing ideas; to working with materials; to physical and digital spaces that we occupy; to the places we inhabit—through deep observation, I discover and uncover patterns and make connections that challenge the status quo to raise awareness about the above issues and expose inequities to provoke meaningful social and individual change.

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