I am an artist and educator with combined 20 years experience. I work with processes of image making that includes: analogue and digital photography, ink drawings, artists’ books, paper sculptures, rock art, and collage to capture emotional and psychological aspects of the everyday and as a new way of seeing and reconstructing experiences.

I thrive by making connections and exploring the experiences and concept of belonging: in the places we work, the meaning of what we do, where we live, how we have arrived there, what we are becoming and where we want to go. I am curious to learn from others experiences and how they want their everyday moments to be shared. Through deep observation, listening and dialogue, together we discover and uncover patterns to make connections that benefits one’s sense of belonging.

Being apart of something greater than myself and serving others gives my life purpose and meaning. My core values: respect, personal development, kindness, love, humor, and connection manifest in a holistic process-oriented approach of sharing knowledge and building individual and collective strengths to positively influence perceptions, attitudes and behavior.

As an artist and teacher, I have an appreciation of nature, beauty and excellence. I am motivated to apply my skills and knowledge to help others generate new insights and create meaningful, authentic, and life-long learning. I have a particular interest in positive psychology and mindfulness. Under its principles, I am interested in identifying strengths and helping others flourish.

I was born Minneapolis, Minnesota. I hold an AAS (2000), BFA (2009), PhD (2015) in Visual Communication Design and a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (2020). From 2010 -2019, I lived in Melbourne, Australia and worked as a Design Lecturer at Monash University in the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture (MADA). I am currently living in Tucson, Arizona.