Interior Memory: Re-imagining home, 2014
Gallery at City Library, Melbourne, 02-30 March 2016
48 x 8.66 in. (122 x 22 cm), 53 x 8.66 in. (135 x 22 cm)

This project examines how narratives of domestic space can be re-imagined after the space has been vacated. Home is the context for a larger narrative about memory and also provides a framework in which to challenge habits of representation. Memory involves a nuanced interpretation that combines perception, emotion, orientation, and embodiment. Therefore, memory is subject to selective editing that reflects current experiences and preoccupations. Expanding on such phenomena, how do reinterpreted images connected to the intimacy of an individual’s past home affect their memories of that place? The project has engaged with twenty participants to describe a past room and their memories located within. It explores how memories are affected when prompted by a re-created image suggestive of an individual’s once inhabited room.